China’s Top 10 Touch Screen Manufacturers

China Top 10 Touch Screen Manufacturers

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Founded in the United States in 1971, it is a supplier of touchscreen products and solutions. It is a modern industrial enterprise mainly producing interactive digital signs/touch computers /OEM touch screens and components/touch displays and other products.


Founded in 2003, it is a well-known touch module brand committed to the research, development, and innovation of touch technology, mainly engaged in the research, development, production, and sales of components and modules related to projection capacitance technology and providing diversified touch technology application solutions.


Founded in 1956, it is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the production of basic chemical raw materials and electronic touch display products, focusing on new flat panel display devices/touch screens/cameras and their surrounding derivatives.


Founded in 2002, it is mainly engaged in the optical and optoelectronic business, microelectronics business, and intelligent automobile business. Its products include a micro camera module/touch screen and touch display full fit module/fingerprint identification module, etc.


Founded in 1992, it is a large capacitive touch screen panel supplier, an enterprise specializing in the research and development and production of upstream materials and touch devices for flat panel display, providing complete flat panel display material technology solutions, and independently and completely mastering the front-end process technology of the flat panel display industry.


Founded in the United States in 1902, it is a world-renowned multinational enterprise with diversified products. It entered China in 1984. Its products range from household products to medical products, as well as transportation, construction, commerce, education, electronics, communications, and other fields.


Large OGS capacitive touch screen provider, an enterprise specializing in developing, producing, and selling capacitive touch / micro camera modules and integrated touch modules.


The company specializes in the R & D, production, sales, and service of key basic materials and devices in flat panel display devices. Its products include ITO transparent conductive glass, touch sensors, and modules, TFT-LCD panel thinning, high-end mobile LCM LCD modules, etc.


Founded in 2004, it is the leader of emerging technologies in the optoelectronic industry. In terms of product technology and manufacturing capacity, it has fully realized the fields of borderless display and touch / curved surface touch /3d fitting / special-shaped cutting / full-automatic polarizer attachment. At present, it has five production bases, LCM Division 1 /LCM Division 2 /PCT division / Ganzhou Dijing / Jiangmen Dijing.


IVTouch is committed to the R & D and manufacturing of large-scale projection capacitive touch screens. The high-performance touch screen provided by IVTouch is suitable for large-scale tablet computers that need gesture multi-touch and supports various applications such as interactive display, engineering design, precision painting, and multi-touch.

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