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TouchScreenMan offers premium capacitive touch screens, resistive touch screens, and membrane switches for a wide range of industries including automotive, medical, industrial, smart home, digital signage, wearable technology, and more. Experience seamless interactions and superior functionality with our cutting-edge touch screen solutions. Explore our diverse product lineup and elevate user experiences today.

At TouchScreenMan, our dedication lies in assisting our clients in discovering the ideal solution to fulfill their specific requirements for custom resistive touch screens, capacitive touch screens, and membrane switches. If you seek a solution that is long-lasting, dependable, and reasonably priced for your application, reach out to us now and let’s discuss your needs.

10.3 inch 2 layer ITO FilmITO Glass Structure Analog 4 wire Resistive Touch Screen for Industrial Control Panel

Resistive Touch Screen

Elevate your interactive experience with Resistive Touch Screen technology, exclusively available at TouchScreenMan! Don't miss the opportunity to take your touchscreen interaction to the next level. Contact us today and discover the future of touch screen innovation.

15.6 inch GG Structure Projected Capacitive Touch Panel for Access Control Machine

Capacitive Touch Screen

Discover the next level of touch screen excellence with TouchScreenMan's Capacitive Touch Screen solutions! Ready to experience precision and responsiveness like never before? Contact us today and step into the future of touch technology.

Silicone Rubber Membrane Switch

Membrane Switch

Reach out to TouchScreenMan now and embark on a journey towards precise, reliable, and user-friendly interface Membrane Switch solutions that will transform the way you connect with technology. Your seamless interaction experience begins here!

pcb assembly line for touch screens contol board 1

Touch Screen Control Board

Ready to revolutionize your touch screen control board experience? Look no further than TouchScreenMan, your premier supplier for cutting-edge touch screen solutions. Take control with TouchScreenMan!

ili9881c 3.4 inch circular screen with 39 pin 800 800 resolution round lcd touch display 3

TFT LCD Touch Screen Displays

DisplayMan excels in TFT LCD displays with touch panels, offering diverse sizes, resolutions, and customization options. We're your go-to resource for TFT LCD display solutions.

display solution

Display Solution

Looking to elevate your display solutions to the next level? Look no further! DisplayMan is your go-to partner for all your display needs. Contact us today and let's transform your visual presence!

Why Work With Us

Say goodbye to wasting your precious time on subpar design resistive and capacitive touch screens and membrane switches. TouchScreenMan aims to provide you with a stress-free experience. Our consultants will keep you updated on the production progress every step of the way, while we handle all the demanding tasks such as trade-related matters, clearance, logistics, and more. Sit back, relax, and let us take care of everything for you.

Experienced Team

More than 10 years experience professional engineer team.

High Capacity

More than 6 production lines and can provide 10thousand pieces of touch screen module per day.

Modern Technology

The world’s leading technology and complete sets of imported production equipments.

Strict Quality Control

Implement ISO9001 quality control system to make high-quality standard products.

Exploring Key Stages in the Touch Screen Production Journey

Delve into the intricate world of touch screen production. With over 30 meticulous steps, this journey combines advanced technology and skilled craftsmanship to create high-quality touch screens. Explore key production stages, gaining insights into the meticulous process that shapes the technology we use every day.

Checking the Fresh Washed ITO Glass

Silk Printing the Protection Film on ITO Glass

Checking the Fresh Silk Printing Silver Wires

Silver Wires on ITO Glass Passe Through an Aven

Use an Oven to Dry the Fresh Silk Printing Protection Film

Adding Glue on the FPC of Resistive Touch Screen

Heat Press the FPC of Resistive Touch Screen

High Temperature De-bubble Machine

Cover The Protection Film on Capacitive Touch Screen

Serving ODMs Across Many Industries

At TouchScreenMan, we prioritize quality and sustainability. Through rigorous material selection and adherence to ISO9001 quality control standards, our products are eco-friendly and ROHS compliant, meeting the diverse industry requirements. Whether your application demands indoor or outdoor usage, we have the expertise to create a tailored solution to suit your specific needs. Trust TouchScreenMan for reliable and environmentally conscious touch screen and display solutions.

New Custom Design Development

01 Communication

To start, you have to elaborate on your specific demands. It is best if you can offer your drawings. From our experience, many of our customers only have a concept in their mind and they ask for a quote or samples directly. This is not how it works. Sometimes a video conference or a face-face conference is necessary before we can fully understand your requirements. It usually involves a lot of questions, such as: 1. What is the application of the products ? 2. What is the timeline you’re working from? 3. What problem do we expect us to solve for you?

02 Design

After the first step, we both have some basic understandings . We pass some projects which are not suitable for us. And we can move on the next step: design. To better service our customers and save both of us some time, we will ask you to fill in some of our online forms. This is the basic information we have to acquire. If you are not certain about some parameters of custom touch screen, we will make the most reasonable design for you from engineering prospect.

03 Quote

Once the preliminary drawings are approved, we offer an official quotation which includes the unit prices, the tooling fees and the other details. Submit the payment if you are happy with the prices. If you can’t accept the prices, we can go back to step two. we can make it cheaper by simplifying the design. After we receive the payment, we will start to make the official drawings. It usually takes 1 to 3 days.

04 Prototypes

At this stage, we build samples based on tooling orders to justify proof of the concept. We can’t start the prototype process unless you sign on the official drawings. It usually takes 7 to 25 days to finish the samples base on the difficulties.

05 Validation

You as the customer validate the efficacy of the custom design before we agree to move into the larger production. It is normal to make several times of prototypes. One time tooling fee and no extra cost until you are satisfied.
What People Say

Customer Satisfaction

At DisplayMan, we are committed to helping our clients find the right solution for their custom display needs.

Tutorial Videos

If you’re new to technical terms such as G+G structure, G+F structure, G+F+F structure, projected capacitive touch screen, capacitive switch, analog 4-wire resistive touch screen, analog 5-wire resistive touch screen, analog 8-wire resistive touch screen, and more, Dr. Pan’s introduction tutorials provide a comprehensive resource to familiarize yourself with these concepts. Dive into Dr. Pan’s tutorials for all the information you require to gain a solid understanding of these technical terms.

Tutorial: Dr Pan Teaches Analog 4-wire Resistive Touch Screen

Tutorial: Dr Pan Teaches G+G Projected Capacitive Touch Screen

Tutorial: Dr Pan Teaches G+F+F Projected Capacitive Touch Screen

Production Videos

Curious about our production methods for G+G structure projected capacitive touch screens, 2-layer resistive touch screens, 3-layer resistive touch screens, analog 8-wire resistive touch screens, and more? Look no further! Explore our assembly process videos below to uncover the answers you seek.

A Review of Assemble Process of Analog 4 -wire Resistive Touch Screen for Industrial Control Machine

A Review of Assembly Process of 4 -layer Resistive Touch Screen

A Review of Assembly Process of 8 wire 3 layer Resistive Touch Screen for 15 6 inch LCD Panel

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Unlock the power of touch with TouchScreenMan! We specialize in transforming touch screen concepts into tangible consumer experiences. With our expertise and innovative solutions, we streamline the process, making your touch screen dreams a reality. Discover the perfect touch screen solution tailored to your needs and bring your ideas to life. Experience seamless interaction and captivate your audience with TouchScreenMan by your side. Let’s turn your vision into touch screen success!

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